Meet Our Staff


Staff Member:

Eloise Park

Time Served:

5 Years


Bike Fitter / Web Guru / Social Media

Optimal Tyre Size:

Depends on what I’m riding, 28c for road, 37c for Gravel and 2.3 on the rear with 2.6 on the front for MTB.

Number of Bikes Owned:

4 – Cannondale Supersix, Cannondale Topstone, Yeti SB6 and Ridley Jane SL, not to mention the 13249000 sets of wheels…

Favourite Bike:

My (now retired) Ridley Jane SL race bike. This bike was actually gifted to me by Neil back when I used to race road full time in my teens. It’s been all around the world with me racing UCI’s and out to training camps in Calpe Spain. My Ridley is my favourite bike because of all the amazing memories that we had, from winning national titles to getting my ass kicked in the mountains during the Tour de Feminin in the Czech Republic. She is now hung up on the wall in my house, as a reminder of those memories during that whirlwind time of my life, now only ridden on special occasions.

Favourite Piece of Kit:

Bibshorts/Bibtights, basically anything with a chamois, nothing worse than a sore backside!

Favourite Local Ride:

My favourite local ride has to be the back lanes through the farms around Auldhouse and Strathaven. Not a car in sight, they almost feel like a cycling highway as it’s only ever bikes you see on them. Endless rolling narrow tarmac roads with a couple of nice cafes to choose from, my favourites being The Heron Farm Shop and Taylors. Riding there on a Summer’s day makes all my worries disappear and truly allows me to escape. Due to the nature of the roads, they also remind me of racing the classics in the Netherlands and Belgium which were my favourite races to ride.

Next Purchase:

After recently spending, what feels like my life savings, on my new fully custom Cannondale Supersix Evo…I’m not sure I’ll be in the market for a while

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