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Staff Member:

Andrew Percival

Time Served:

5 months and counting


bike mechanic/bike builder

Optimal Tyre Size:

20inch on my bmx, 650b on my gravel, and 27.5 on both my hard tail and full sus

Number of Bikes Owned:

4 bikes in total

Favourite Bike:

Cult bmx bike

Favourite Piece of Kit:

Not related to biking well took few good pics of the guys with it. But has to be my fujifilm xt2 with my fujion 50-140mm lens. 
Favourite Local Ride: right now after riding glencoe red has to be my best experience. Apart from that I enjoy some local parks such as kelvin Grove skatepark and loading bay.

Next Purchase:

At the moment I am in middle of purchasing the whyte g160. And after that a few more lenses for my camrea kit

By Andrew Percival

I'm from the South West of England. Moved up to Scotland many years ago. Got into photography and exploring Scotland and ended up falling in love.
Got 4 bikes right now a pinnacle arcosex gravel bike a specilized fuse hard tail. Then my cult dak Roch bmx.

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