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Breaking In Whyte’s T-160 RS

Whyte’s G-160 that I picked up at the back end of 2017 has to be one of, if not the best mountain bikes I have ever ridden. FACT. I can’t recollect a time that I ever felt outgunned on the bike and after taking it down the World Cup track at Fort William I was surprised at how well the G-160 stacked up against my downhill bike.

The only real problem that I had with the G-160 was that it was just so good. I had had the G-160 for quite some time and it was time to update, but I just didn’t want to sell it and move on to another bike. The only thing that was really tempting me to sell was the desire for the rapidly trending bigger 29″ wheel size. So when Whyte came into the shop last November with a list of the new bikes to be launched my name was against a T-160 right away.

“That’ll be with you in December!
..Next year.”

..Great. And so the waiting game began.

The beloved G-160 ready for the new owner

The most similar model that Whyte have released prior to the T-160 was the S-150. It was one of the first 29″ 150mm travel enduro monsters available when 29″ wheels really started making the jump from XC bikes, and it also had the ability to take 27.5″ plus sized tyres (S stand for switch). The bike also had the longest cockpit Whyte have ever offered. The S-150 was about as heavy hitting as a gravity orientated trail bike came and had been a definite contender as a G-160 replacement. So I was gutted when I heard that they were discontinuing it, but thankfully along came the T-160. As opposed to offering the “Switch”able wheel size ability it is dedicated to a 29” wheel, has an extra 10mm of travel, and curiously a considerably shorter reach making it sway more to the Trail (or T in Whyte terms) as opposed to Gravity (G) side of riding.

Due to the previous two years stock shortages and limited availability, in order to secure a bike, folk are frequently required to preorder the bike they want. During this time we at Billy Bilsland Cycles have pretty much been selling bikes from lists of what we have on backorder. And unfortunately the T-160 I ordered was on one of these lists, resulting in one of my pesky colleagues selling it! However a few months later Whyte got in touch saying that they had another one that had been returned from another retailer due to a paint defect , and fortunately (for me) it was up for grabs! So I was back on for November.

New bike on its way! 😀

Out the box the T-160 is ready to party. I went for the RS model, having received the V1 model it came with the Rockshox Lyrik Select+ Fork and Super Deluxe shock. The gearing and brakes is SRAM all round, with CODE R 4pot brakes and GX Eagle gearing. The wheels are also pretty impressive. Using Whyte’s own hubs laced into RaceFace Arc-30 rims they come up very light for an OEM wheel. I can’t vouch for they’re durability due to sticking the DT-Swiss wheels from my hardtail on right away, but I have no doubt they’ll hold up better than the WTB rims of recent years.

Along with the wheels there were a few essential pieces of bike bling to be added, in addition to some minor upgrades. Despite having a bike painter on hand, the paint defect was a mere flesh wound that could easily be dressed with a wee fabric plaster – literally. The satin orange had also grown on me and I thought it would go nicely with some camo gear, so DMR Deathgrips, Gusset saddle, Granite tube/tool strap (all in camouflage) went on – and camouflage Whyte decals on order. Mudhugger’s essential Shorty mudguard was stuck on up front and to deal with the conditions in Scotland at this time of year some big knobbly tyres in the form of a Schwalbe Magic Mary on the front and a Big Betty on the rear. Let’s not go into detail that one is tanwall and the other isn’t – it irritates me too. To be honest the Maxxis offering was lacking in general and surprised that something more aggressive wasn’t fitted.

In addition to these parts I fitted a wee bar and stem upgrade with Renthal’s Fat Bar in gold and their Apex 35 stem to match, taking the bar width up to a beefy 800mm (820 when fitted with Deathgrips!). The Renthal bar and stem upgrade is a go to for mountain bikers and you can see why; the build quality is exceptional, it looks great and is well priced. I’m aware of all the benefits of carbon bars on the mountain bike but I went for the alloy version as I just much prefer metal connecting me to my front wheel.

The Push to the top of Ben Vorlich

With having put my stamp on the bike it was time to get out and shred some trails! To christen the bike I decided to tackle the descent of Ben Vorlich just South of Loch Earn with my brother. Which after a long hike-a-bike provided some of the steepest descending I have ever ridden. In hindsight I should have really got the bike properly dialled in on some local trails prior to this ride as the terrain was challenging enough without having to get my head round a new bike. The day was unbelievable, but I’ll save that story for later.

Over the festive period I stayed with my parents back in Helensburgh. Which meant I was able to get the bike out on some of my favourite old local trails to give the suspension a good fiddling and get it set up properly. But if I’m honest I’m still fiddling with that. I also didn’t have to carry the bike to the top of the hill which allowed me to get a much better idea of how the bike pedalled which, just being a 29er is exceptionally well. It’s incredible how the bike makes light work of climbs then just wants to scream down the descents.

Some good ol’ festive slop!

The bike now has a number of rides under its belt including an uplift day at Innerleithen and I’ve have good fun experimenting with Whyte’s new Shape It link which is coming fitted to a lot of their full suspension bikes. The link is essentially an offset bushing at the base of the shock that, when rotated 180º, allows you to raise/lower the ride, dropping the bottom bracket and slackening out the fork slightly.

I’m absolutely over the moon with how the new T-160 rides and my only gripe has to be the shortening of the cockpit, going down to 450mm reach on the medium. But I do understand that the super long bikes aren’t for everyone and the 450mm is by no means short.

Actually there is one other concern, by no means a bad one – it’s just how fast the bike is! It’s unreal how quickly the bike picks up pace and hold it through corners and over the rough stuff. There’s no doubt it’s terrifying climatising to a full suspension 29er. There’s no doubt that the extra grip provided by the big wheels is hindered by the fact I’m dragging my brakes a lot more! The bike gets better with every ride though and I’m sure that once the fitness is back up and with a few more rides in, this guy will be my new favourite ever mountain bike and may even see the selling of my downhill bike. I’ll make sure to report back later in the year with some of the rides it’s taken on, and there’ll no doubt a few more upgrades in place too!

Going in to 2022, Whyte has had to follow suit with pretty much every other bike brand, and unfortunately circum to the inevitable price increase. However Whyte have gone about it in the really good way that they have always have, which I feel really shows how they have the customer in mind: They rarely if ever just whack the price up, they always make a point of improving the model if the bike goes up in price and this is what had brought about the v2 not long after the v1 was made available. The new T-160 RS v2 has increased to £4,199.00 but is now coming with Rockshox’s Ultimate fork, offering a much better fork suspension set up. It also comes with a way more appropriate set of far more aggressive tyres in the way of the Maxxis Assegai and DHR II. While very nice, the Bike Yoke dropper on the V1 has been sacrificed on the V2 for Whyte’s own Drop It post. It is a bit more basic but for me, droppers go up, and they go down, and dearer droppers tend to require more frequent expensive servicing. So the dropper swap out isn’t a big issue, and we’ve had very few issues in the shop with the Drop It post. The V2 basically answers any concerns that I had with the T-160 RS v1. The slightly more affordable T-160 S V2, has received the same tyre treatment along with a swap over to SRAM gears and braking bringing it fairly close to the spec to the V1 RS model but for less of a cost at £3,399.00.

If you’re debating as to whether you should go for the T-160, stop debating and get it. It’s an awesome all-round trail/gravity shredder that will pushing your limits to the brim.

Whyte T-160 S V2 – £3,399.00

Whyte T-160 RS V2 – £4,199.00
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All New Cannondale Synapse With SmartSense Tech

Road Reimagined

The Synapse Carbon from Cannondale has been their long standing flagship Endurance Road Bike which has undergone an interesting face lift for 2022.

We didn’t think it was possible but the 2022 Synapse Carbon range has managed to get even faster and ever more versatile. Starting off with the new reimagined frame shape, which provides greater aerodynamic capabilities for those long fast weekend rides with mates. Whilst also incorporating hidden flex zones in the rear triangle and compliant cockpit keeps the Synapse grounded to its roots – a comfortable Endurance Road Bike – without compromising on aesthetics.

New Synapse Frame Shape

What Is SmartSense?

The main attraction on the new Synapse Carbon from Canonndale is the SmartSense technology which consists of inbuilt; front and rear lights, Garmin Radar system and a stealthy battery. The idea is to reduce pre ride faff and increase rider safety. SmartSense features will automatically activate as soon as you start riding as the system connects directly to the Cannondale App which is where you can personalise your settings to which you prefer. Another cool feature of the Cannondale SmartSense System is that the battery can also be used to charge either your cycle computer or electronic groupset while riding.

SmartSense Technology

Cannondale Synapse SmartSense 2022 Range

Synapse Crabon LTD RLE £6750
Synapse Carbon 1 RLE £9000
Synapse Carbon 2 RLE Quicksand £5800
Synapse Carbon 2 RLE Grey £5800
Synapse Carbon 2 RLE Cool Mint £5800
Synapse Carbon 2 RL Beetle Green £4000
Synapse Carbon 2 RL Black Pearl £4000
Synapse Carbon 3 L Black £3200
Synapse Carbon3 L Purple Haze £3200

Order Now

If you are interested in any of these Cannondale Bikes then please don’t hesitate to et in touch vis the contact form below and our sales team will be back in touch ASAP

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Cervelo R5 – Order Now


“R5 has one job get to the top, fast. But for all the glory and fanfare that comes with a summit finish, they’re rarely the only climb of the day. And while a race isn’t usually won on a descent, they can certainly be lost. A climbing bike that can’t carve a hairpin is a bit like a cup of decaf coffee. This is the fourth iteration of the R5, and while weight and stiffness have varied over the years, the handling, poise, and unmatched prowess on a descent have been consistent since day one.” – Cervelo

• Fully Integrated Cockpit
• 152g Lighter
• Improved Stability and Handling
• Improved Comfort
• More Aero

We have stock of the brand new Grand Tour winning Cervelo R5 arriving in our shop. However they wont last long once they land, so that’s why we have set up this Pre Order section so you can ensure you get the bike of your dreams.

The Models we have arriving –

Cervelo R5 Dura Ace Di2 in Five Black – £11,699

Sizes & Dates – 51cm and 54cm due March 2022
Cervelo R5 Force AXS in Five Black – £8,599

Sizes & Dates – 51cm and 54cm due January 2022
Cervelo R5 Force AXS in Lime Black – £8,599

Sizes & Dates – 54cm due October 51cm and 56cm due December 2021
Cervelo R5 Ultegra Di2 in Five Black – £8,299 *picture for illustration only*

Sizes & Dates – 48cm and 51cm due February 2022
Cervelo R5 Ultegra Di2 in Lime Black – £8,299 *picture for illustration only*

Sizes & Dates – 54cm and 56cm due February 2022

Please click the ‘notify’ button on the product page on our website or fill out the contact form below to register your interest. From there we will get back to you with more details and flexible payment plans from our direct debit partner Go Cardless.


Payment plans are flexible and can be tailored to your needs. All plans are 0% APR Monthly Direct Debit Withdrawals. Bikes can only be collected once the Payment Plan has finished.



Price Match

At Billy Bilsland Cycles, we pride ourselves on having the best service in the game. We are also committed to bringing our customers the best products at the best prices. If you find a product cheaper elsewhere, complete the contact form below and we’ll see if we can match that price. Alternatively call 0141 552 0841 or email (t’s & c’s below)

The Boring Legal Bit

  • We only sell new products, we cannot match auction sites or websites in another country.
  • The product must be an exact match therefore the same specification, size and colour and available to order on a UK competitor’s website.
  • The competitor’s price must be listed on their website and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer e.g. vouchers, member discounts, promotional discounts, clearance or discontinued items etc.
  • We cannot price match products for orders using cycle schemes or using an insurance voucher.
  • All Price Match transactions are carried out at our discretion and will be checked for eligibility. We reserve the right to decline, alter or withdraw this Price Match at any time.
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Bilsland Van Delivery

The Bilsland Van Delivery service is designed to bridge the gap between shopping instore vs online as it offers all the convenience of shopping online from the comfort of your own home, whilst our staff provide all the benefits of in store collection by having the ‘New Bike Conversation’ with you. This is where we go through; how to look after your new bike, answering any questions you may have and offering a position check to ensure your saddle height and handlebar height/reach is set correctly to make sure you bike fits you perfectly. All done in person at the time of delivery by one of our friendly professional staff members. Not to mention there is absolutely no bike re-building required so you can be riding off into the sunset with your new steed without having to get your hands dirty.

  • Available everywhere in the UK (mainland only)
  • Completely Assembled – No need to get your hands dirty
  • Pre Delivery Inspected by our Cytech Qualified Mechanics
  • Hand Delivered by one of our Friendly Professional Staff Members
  • Position Set up to ensure your New Bike Fits you Perfectly
  • Advice on how to take care of your New Bike
  • All your New Bike Questions Answered Face to Face upon Delivery
  • Guaranteed Delivery Day and Time that is arranged to Suit You

This service is available for £50 on bikes between £1,000 – £2,000 and FREE on bikes over £2,000. Delivery time will be arranged via phone call after we receive your order through our website.

Our Bilsland Van Delivery is available to all locations in mainland UK



If you already know which bike you’re after or would like us to help you find a bike, then please fill out the short form below to make a delivery enquiry.