Meet Our Staff

Liam C

Staff Member:


Time Served:

Over a yearish? I forget 2020 is a fever dream.


Toilet Trained Grease Monkey (Mechanic)

Optimal Tyre Size:


Number of Bikes Owned:

Four – Bombtrack Arise, Cannondale CAADX, Mondraker Dune, Surly Ogre

Favourite Bike:

Cheap, easy, simple, can rag it about without too much concern. If you thought I was describing myself there you wouldn’t be wrong but I was in fact on about my Bombtrack Arise (2014). A delightful wee bike and I’ll be devastated when it goes.

Favourite Piece of Kit:

Shimano SPD sandals. For anyone wanting to go pro or seriously upgrade their performance these are a must. Looks stylish with socks too! (The opinions expressed here are the author’s own and do not reflect those of Billy Bilsland Cycles)

Favourite Local Ride:

Anywhere that has two trees roughly a hammock’s length apart from each other. Cycling is good but so is lounging in a hammock.

Next Purchase:

Probably my dinner but if we’re talking about bikes then another Bombtrack Arise when I inevitability write that off. This is not sponsored by Bombtrack but if they do want to sponsor me and give me free stuff then please get in touch.